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Air Floating Board RAF-48H

Using air to achieve ultimate isolation ! The frame and board are made from the highest quality Hickory which brings the best sound quality.

Air Floating Board [RAF-48H]

W486*D436*H55(Approx.) mm
(when inflated, not including terminals)
Top board size
Maximum load
An inflator attached
(White or Black)


  • VGP2015VGP2015 Grand Prix
  • Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2013 TOP Prize for audio board category2013 Audio Accessory Excellence Award Top Prize in audio board category
  • Audio Excellence Award 2010 TOP Prize for accessories category2010 Audio Excellence Award Top Prize in accessory category
  • Visual Grand Prix 2010 Winter Award2010 Visual Grand Prix
  • 2009 Swing Journal" Jazz Component Award
  • U.S Audiophile Magazine 2009 U.S Audiophile Magazine "The Stereo Times" Most Wanted Components Award

Air floating board - ultimate isolation is made affordable!

The air floating board RAF-48 has achieved ultimate isolation effect by floating the audio apparatus on a special AIR supported board.

RAF-48 which has won the Audio Excellence Award 2010 TOP Prize for accessories category has evolved to RAF-48H by now using the natural material “Hickory”.

Replacing the top-board from a Birch plywood type to one made from Hickory, the sound has improved further to more stable, vivid and organic presentation.

RAF-48 employs the same air floating structure that is used for valuable electron microscope boards.

We have managed to produce this board while maintaining an affordable price. Air has an overwhelming isolation ability compared to other vibration isolation materials like rubber or springs.

Isolation ability of the RAF-48H is almost perfect and it achieves a remarkable improvement of S/N ratio that is incomparable to the board of other structures.

The effect of the new Hickory board is low distortion increased transparency and improved texture of sound, even phase characteristics are improved. This results in a deeper, wider and higher three dimensional soundstage.

Mawimum load: 60 Kg! Inflating the board with air is a quick and easy operation.

Inflating with air is easily done by using the supplied air pump attached to the terminal on the front panel of RAF-48H.

air pump

All Air-Floating Boards need air supplements. Most of them need a large compressors for this operation. The RAF 48H only requires the supplied air pump.

Air-Floating Board

Highest quality materials used for the top board and the cabinet!

Air or magnet floating systems cut off exterior vibrations, but there remains an affect on to the sound brought by the materials directly contacting the equipment.

There are vibrations generated by the audio equipment themselves; vibrations of the motor of a CD player, an analog player, current of amplifiers etc. that shake the top board and is fed back to the equipment.

This is the reason why sound becomes light and thin when using a board made from glass, acrylic board or cheap plywoods.

RAF-48H uses the best quality Hickory with the best acoustic characteristics for both of the top board and cabinet, resulting in organic and lively sound with energetic low frequencies.

Air-Floating Board

Compact size for rack installation

RAF-48H is designed so that it can be set not only for the equipment on the top shelf of the rack but for all other shelves.

Thus, all audio equipment can be set on RAF-48H, and you will be able to enjoy stereophonic sound with overwhelming audio information with outstanding S/N that you have never before experienced