Measurement : Length 32mm (including hot pin) x Dimension 11.5mm , Weight 9.2g

High evaluation reviews!
SIP-8F review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
SIP-8 review by 6moons

Audio Excellence Award 2005 TOP Prize for accessories category

VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2005 for Home Theater accessories

Comparison of metal materials vibration decrement characteristic

Principle & Structure

Each equipments vacant digital input and analog input terminal are place where dust gets easily collected. Not only that becomes an origin of mixture for noise.

By letting these input terminal short-circuit, it prevents noise getting inside the equipment. Furthermore, letting the input terminals short-circuit, unstable element of electrical current on ground side gets removed and movement of machinery circuit becomes stable.

Result is, advantage for power supply impedance and sound quality improves greatly.

In addition, board for terminal part tends to be very thin. This receives the influence of vibration. By using high specific gravity and hard material for short pin, it reinforces terminals and protects from vibration.

Attention: Please don?ft connect it to output terminal, and REC out terminal. This will stop the sound.

Attention: It has an remarkable effect for digital output terminal on CD transporter, but just in case please ask your manufacturer of the CD transporter or dealer if SIP-8F/BSIP-8F work perfectly.

Superior material used for sound quality and vibration control effect
SIP-8F/BSIP-8F is made of nonmagnetic gold plated brass and 2017 Duralumin.
This has an effect on improving sound and reducing noise and vibration.

Complete non-magnetism body structure
Not only material, SIP-8F/BSIP-8F has adopted direct gilding on plating.
This made the SIP-8F/BSIP-8F completely non-magnetism body structure.

Rigid connection by highly precise process and vibration control effect improved by epoch-making vibration control material!
We newly added the vibration control material sheet on both SIP-8F and BSIP-2F to further improve vibration control effect.

is a sound quality adjustment material developed by professor Masao Sumita at Tokyo Institute of Technology by getting a Pre-venture support from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

is a epoch-making material and carries an overwhelming vibration control characteristic. It transfers and eliminates vibration energy from electrical energy to heat energy.

Eight sheets for SIP-8F and two for BSIP-2F is attached in the each package. Stick on the back of SIP-8F and BSIP-2F and listen to the sound quality difference and adjust the number of uses.

If the vibration control characteristic has matches well, the sound will become smoother and low end frequency will become powerful and a feeling of throbbing pulse will improve. On the other hand if the characteristic does not match, the sound pressure and a feeling of throbbing pulse will decrease.

So it that happens, please adjust the amount of sheet.

Attached sheet with SIP-8F, BSIP-2F and IP-2F
How to attach the sheet on SIP-8F, BSIP-2F and IP-2F

Newly developed vibration protect pin for output terminals. IP-2F
2007 Top Prize for audio accesories category

IP-2F is made from hybrid structure of brass and 2017 Duralumin which is the same structure as SIP-8F and BSIP-2F. By the its hybrid and complete non-magnetism structure, just inserting the IP-2F to a vacant RCA output terminal will have a great vibration control effect. Also the sound position and S/N ratio will improve further. The vibration control characteristic has further improved by the attached sheet.

Comparison of metal materials vibration decrement characteristic