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Single-core cable series PCOCC-A

Sound quality is so real,it's as if the interconnect doesn't exist !

Mr. Takashi Ebisawa, is an executive director at Ebisawa Corporation. He has been working on the development of the Silk buffer material tube, which secures an air layer. Precision of cable and prevention effect of electricity charge give the cable an organic tone. ? DEAR YOSHI ? I WAS NOT SURE ABOUT THIS PARAGRAPH

Mr. Takashi EbisawaOur company provides silk used in high quality knitting for clothing. But now for the first time, we have provided silk for a non clothing application. With this particular silk tube it is very difficult to keep uniform precision, therefore, we used a newly developed special jig to weave the silk very slowly by controlling tension. For this reason, even for this very thin tube, time taken and costs are more than those for making a large sweater. For silk, there are normal, super and extra grades and the normal grade is commonly used even for a highest quality brand knitting. Clothing designers were surprised about the use of the Extra grade silk for audio products.

Silk tube
Silk tube

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Mr. Kazuyuki Ochiai, Vice-Director of administration at Shinagawa Business and Industry Ltd.
Development of Teflon coated copper SF tube, which gives 100% shielding rate, flexibility and radiation prevention effect.

Mr. Kazuyuki OchiaiWe are a general electrical insulation part maker and SF tube is our registered trademark. SF tube has been supplying parts for audio cables for over 20 years. We had a request from ACOUSTIC REVIVE to develop the CSF tube (Carbon SF tube). CSF tube contains carbon paper particle inside the tube thread. But just by impregnating carbon paper particles into the thread will make the thread very fragile. We succeeded in creating the thread by using very small carbon paper particles.

Next is the flexible Teflon coated copper pipe. This is an OFC (Anoxia copper) version of our stainless steel flexible pipe. Stainless steel flexible pipe is originally used as noise shield material for medical equipment. Because OFC is very easily oxidized, it must be Teflon coated immediately after production.
But Teflon can`t be sprayed on, so it had to be soaked in Teflon, which is not efficient. The cost of creating both CSF tube and flexible Teflon coating copper pipe is very high, but we are confident of obtaining a high quality finish.

CSF TubeCSF Tube

Flexible Teflon coated copper tubeFlexible Teflon coated copper tube

Mr. Satoru Murayama, the chief executive officer at Oyaide Electric Co. Ltd.
Development of high quality power supply plugs and connectors.

Mr. Satoru Murayama

To ensure the best precision and quality for materials, plating and processing techniques, we insist that these are ‘Made in Japan’. For POWER MAX III`s power supply plug and connector, each of the contact parts have been mirror face polished and have been processed to largely improve the contact surface area. POWER MAX III`s plug and connector is a custom made version of our companies C-037 and P-037. To increase conductivity and durability, only the metal parts have been Super cryogenic treated (-196℃).

The reason why we only treated the metal parts is that, the finished product has some plastic components. There is a danger of plastic breaking after been Super cryogenic treated.


Figure of POWER MAX III structure
Figure of POWER MAX III structure

Mr. Hatsuo Matsumoto, the chief executive officer at Matsukin Ltd.
Creating high quality RCA plugs, Y rag and Banana plug.

Mr. Hatsuo MatsumotoFor 45 years we have been producing, high precision high quality connectors and plugs for audio. We had a request from ACOUSTIC REVIVE to develop the RCA plug, Y rag and Banana plug. All of these plugs conducting parts have been mirror face processed to increase the area of contact area and Super cryogenically treated (-196℃) to improve the conductivity to the maximum. Also, all plugs are made from 2017 Duralumin and brass and are fixed to the main body to increase resonance control effect. Furthermore each plug has been processed with thick silver and rhodium plating. I think that we have made the worlds best super high quality audio grade plug.

RCA plugRCA plug

RCA plug(inside)RCA plug(inside)

Y-rag (RYG-1)Y-rag (RYG-1)

Banana plug(RBN-1)Banana plug(RBN-1)