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Single-core cable series PCOCC-A

Sound quality is so real,it's as if the interconnect doesn't exist !

The air floating structure that does not disturb energy transmission

Acoustic Revive has chosen AIR as the isolation means for their cable. This method is the most effective and has no negative effect on sound quality. Most cable manufacturers use rubber or resin type materials surrounding the cables to try to suppress vibrations.

This method however, degrades energy transmission resulting in a less vivid and energetic sound.

A natural silk tube design which retains the feeling of life without harming sound quality

We got the largest silk maker in Japan to develop the natural silk tube. This silk tube is a buffer material to establish the air layer, which gives a feeling of life without harming the sound quality. The influence of the kind of material used near the conductor is very big, particularly PVC is one of the worst materials. Needless to say, a dummy tube to put a virtual air layer is a quite meaningless. This is why we adopted natural silk.

A natural silk tube

The flexible Teflon coated copper tube which brings the perfect shield effect without side effects

Until now, a meshed wire shielding has been widely used. This type of shielding has limits of effectiveness due to the gaps and crevices in the make up of the material. Additionally, stray electric current occurs with this type of shield. This adversely affects the signal flow and therefore the sound. This is probably why we get some reports that a cable that is not shielded at all can sound better than one shielded by meshed shielding. There are also some cables shielded by aluminum foil, however, aluminum itself has a hard kind of sound which generates unwanted spurious sound and distortion.

We adopted the flexible Teflon coated copper tube as shield material, which is far thicker than foil.

This copper tube eliminates incidental sound and distortion while giving overwhelming shield characteristics. Also a wonderful flexibility which you can`t get in twist line cables.

flexible Teflon coated copper tube

CSF tube which cuts noise and absorbs electromagnetic waves

For outskirts of cable, we adopted CSF tube which contains carbon. Combination with teflon coating steel tube it increases the shield effect. Also, CSF tube cuts noise which comes out from the cable it self. It absorbs electromagnetic waves as well.

CSF tube

Newly developed plugs to make use of superior cable structure!

No matter how good a cable is, if the plug quality is poor, it will destroy the sound quality of the cable. A lot of expensive cables on the market use low cost, low quality plugs, which are made from poor materials. To make the perfect plug, we jointly developed one with a specialist plug manufacture.

A largely upgraded new XLR interconnect "XLR-1.0PA II" is equipped with the newly developed, original solder-less XLR connector.

Most connectors commonly used in XLR interconnects attach the conductor by means of solder, but solder reduces conductivity and sound quality. Even if you use top quality audio grade solder, you still cannot avoid the degradation caused by solder.

To circumvent this issue, we at Acoustic Revive have developed the World’s first original solder-less XLR connector with the assistance of one of Japan’s top quality audio connector and plug manufacturers.

The contact parts are made from phosphor bronze polished to a mirror finish in order to maximize contact surface. The surface is then plated with silver and rhodium to prevent aging and to improve durability. Furthermore, it is treated by Super Cryogenic treatment to achieve an overwhelming conductivity. The outer case has been machined from a solid billet of 2017S Duralumin for superb resonance control, resulting in the ultimate sound quality, a huge and open sound stage, superb imaging, tight and damped bass, with no incidental sound and distortion. You can enjoy a very high quality and realistic sound giving the impression that the cable has disappeared.

Solder-less XLR plug

Solder-less RCA plug

Solder-less XLR plug

Solder-less RCA plug

Also for speaker cable terminals, a newly developed rhodium plated spades and banana plugs are also available.



We can use our RBN-1 (banana plug) and RYG-1 (spade) as speaker cable terminals (Ask for a quote)