Writers' Choice Award 2010"on US hi-fi magazine "Positive Feedback"
"High Fidelity" selected the above combination as the Best Products2010 in accessory category.
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for COX-1.0PA
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for SPC-PA
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for XLR-1.0PA II
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Award for RCA-1.0PA
French Magazine “Revue Du Son” 5 Stars Recommande Award for speaker cable “SPC-PA”
2009 Audio Excellence Award Cable Category Top Award for “XLR1.0PAII”
2008 MJ Technology of the Year Accessory Category Excellence Award for “XLR-1.0PAII”
U.S Audiophile Magazine "The Stereo Times" Most Wanted Components Award 2008
Audio Excellence Award Prize 2007
Audio Excellence Award Prize 2003/2004 for accessories category
MJ Technology of the year 2004

High evaluation reviews!
RCA-1.0PA・SPC-PA review by "positive feedback"
RCA-1.0PA・XLR-1.0PAⅡ review by "The Stereo Times"
Cable review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
SPC-PA received an Award from The Stereo Times!
Review of Single Core Cable Series from France!

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki

Principle & structure
What is PCOCC-A?

PCOCC-A is annealed version of PCOCC. PCOCC was devised by professor Mr. Ohno at Chiba Institute of Technology. It does not matter how pure the material is, once it`s annealed, impurities gets into crystal grain and purity declines.
But PCOCC originally does not have crystal grain. So even it gets annealed, it difficult for impurities to get into PCOCC. PCOCC-A is an ideal for cable because it`s high in purity and crystal structure has a characteristic to keep in uniform directionality. PCOCC has hard single crystal, but once it turns to PCOCC-A, conductivity improves and material itself becomes flexible for easy uses.

PCOCC is registered trademark of Furukawa Denko.

Section comparison of PCOCC (Top) and TPC (general copper/bottm)
Figure 1/ Difference in PCOCC-A and PCOCC conductivity rate

PCOCC-A oval conductor
By the cooperation of Furukawa Electrical Industry, ACOUSTIC REVIVE have succeeded to create PCOCC-A oval conductor. Comparison with twisted cables, single core cable does not have an outbreak of straying electric current, which is called strand jump phenomenon.
Single core cable have few incidental sound and outbreak of distortion. Giving flat transmission characteristic. But there was still a problem of outbreak in resonance and feeling of peak.
The new PCOCC-A oval conductor does not carry resonance point and feeling of peak, by the help of Furukawa Electrical Industry.


Mr. Takashi Ebisawa, an executive director at Ebisawa Corporation. Development of Silk buffer material tube, which secured an air layer, precision of a cable and prevention effect of electricity charge give the cable an organic tone.
Our company provides silk for high quality knits for clothing. But for the first time, we provided
silk for non apparel industry. This silk tube is very difficult to keep precision uniformly. We used newly developed a special jig to weave the silk slowly by controlling tension. Even this tube is very thin, time and cost more then a large sweater. For silk, there is normal, super and extra grade.
For this silk tube, we used grade extra. Normally high quality brand knits uses normal grade.
Figure 2/Silk grade

Silk tube

Mr. Kazuyuki Ochiai, Vice-Director of administration at Shinagawa Business and Industry Ltd.
Development of Teflon coating copper SF tube, which give 100% shielding rate, flexibility and radiation prevention effect.

We are general electric insulation part maker and SF tube is our registered trademark. SF tube is going for 20 years and has been used as parts for audio cables. We had a request from ACOUSTIC REVIVE to develop the CSF tube (Carbon SF tube). CSF tube contains carbon paper particle inside the tube thread. But just by impregnating carbon paper particle into the thread will make the thread very fragile. We succeeded to create the thread by using very small carbon paper particle.

Next is the flexible Teflon coating copper pipe. This is a OFC (Anoxia copper) version of our stainless steel flexible pipe. Stainless steel flexible pipe is originally used as noise shield material for medical equipments. Because OFC is very easy to be oxidized, it must be Teflon coated just after production.
But Teflon can`t be prayed on, so it had to be soaked in Teflon, which is very bad in efficiency. The cost of creating both CSF tube and flexible Teflon coating copper pipe is very high, but we confident for high quality finish.

CSF tube

Flexible Teflon coating copper pipe

Mr. Satoru Murayama, the chief executive officer at Oyaide Electric Ltd. Development of high quality power supply plug and connector.

To keep best precision and quality for material, plating and processing technique, we persist for all Made in Japan. For POWER MAX II`s power supply plug and connector, each contact parts have been mirror face polish has been process to largely improve the contact surface area. POWER MAX II`s
plug and connector is a custom made version of our companies C-037 and P-037. To increase conductivity and durability, only the metal parts have been Super cryogenic treated (-196AaC).
For reason why we only treated the metal parts is that, if finished product which is built with plastic, there is a danger of plastic breaking after been Super cryogenic treated.

Figure of POWER MAX II structure

Mr. Hatsuo Matsumoto, the chief executive officer at Matsukin Ltd. Creating high quality RCA plugs, Y rag and Banana plug.

For 45 years since the establishment in 1962, high precise and high quality connectors and plugs for audio. We had a request from ACOUSTIC REVIVE to develop the RCA plug, Y rag and Banana plug.
All of these plugs conduct part have been mirror face processed to increase the area of contact area and Super cryogenic treated (-196AaC) to rise the conductivity to the limit. Also, all plugs are made from 2017 Duralumin and brass are fixed to the main body to increase resonance control effect.
Furthermore each plug have been processed with thick silver and rhodium plating. I think that we have made the worlds super high quality audio grade plug.

RCA plug

RCA plug (Inside)

Y rag (RYG-1)

Banana plug(RBN-1)

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki