Writers' Choice Award 2010"on US hi-fi magazine "Positive Feedback"
"High Fidelity" selected the above combination as the Best Products2010 in accessory category.
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for COX-1.0PA
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for SPC-PA
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for XLR-1.0PA II
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Award for RCA-1.0PA
French Magazine “Revue Du Son” 5 Stars Recommande Award for speaker cable “SPC-PA”
2009 Audio Excellence Award Cable Category Top Award for “XLR1.0PAII”
2008 MJ Technology of the Year Accessory Category Excellence Award for “XLR-1.0PAII”
U.S Audiophile Magazine "The Stereo Times" Most Wanted Components Award 2008
Audio Excellence Award Prize 2007
Audio Excellence Award Prize 2003/2004 for accessories category
MJ Technology of the year 2004

High evaluation reviews!
RCA-1.0PA・SPC-PA review by "positive feedback"
RCA-1.0PA・XLR-1.0PAⅡ review by "The Stereo Times"
Cable review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
SPC-PA received an Award from The Stereo Times!
Review of Single Core Cable Series from France!

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki

Principle and structure

Single Core Cable has become flexible
Single Core Cable is made from help of many maker which specializes in certain material.
It has been used in major record companies, recording and mastering of excellent recording labels.
Overwhelming high quality sound has been well known, but the previous model was difficult to use, because of its stiffness. This new model has adopted a Teflon coating flexible copper pipe for easy use.

New XLR interconnect with newly developed, original solderless connector!
Our XLR interconnect "XLR-1.0PA" has undergone a major upgrade, adopting the newly developed, original solderless Acoustic Revive XLR connector. The new connector affixes the conductor without any solder at all, because solder reduces conductivity and sound quality. For further information, please access page 2.

RCA Interconnect cable
Cable length: 1m pair

XLR Interconnect cable
Cable length: 1m pair

Unbalanced digital interconnect
Cable length: 1m
BNC connection available.
Ask for quote.

Balanced digital interconnect
Cable length: 1m

Speaker cable SPC-1.0PA
Cable length: 1m pair
(Also available in bi-wire structure. We expect special length orders. Spades & Banana plugs available. Ask for quote)

Phono Cable
Cable length: 1.2m
We accept special order of different length. Please ask for quote

Power supply cable (overseas model)

Why does it have to be single core?
Till now, most of cables where made from thin wire which are twisted. Straying electric current in twisted line structure, which produces incidental sound outbreak of distortion. High frequency electric transmits well through large surfaced conductor.

Then way has twist line been adopted till now? That is because of the flexibility and easy use.
Flexible cable is easy to produce from the point of manufactures view. Also it is easy for the user to handle it.

Developed a PCOCC-A oval single core newly!
ACOUSTIC REVIVE has newly developed PCOCC-A oval shaped single core structured cable.
To secure flexibility, the cables needs to anneal processed. A lot of companies adopts 6N anneal.
But 6N (99.9999%) decreases conductivity because of impurities gets mixed and purity declines no matter how the copper is pure.

ACOUSTIC REVIVE`s has annealed the single crystal PCOCC to secure flexibility. Which is the PCOCC-A. Originally, single crystal PCOCC is able to keep purity, because mixture rate of impurities is low. PCOCC-A`s conductivity is much higher then 6N. PCOCC-A gives you extremely flat and wide frequency, wide dynamic range. Also low distortion and smooth sound as well.
You will be surprised with sound quality.

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki