I TESTED Acoustic Revive RGC-24

Each month I bring to you intriguing products, things that may seem improbable and sometimes I ask myself what use are these things because at first glance it is not obvious to doubting audiophiles like me!

It is in this state of mind that I opened the RGC-24. If ‘grounding conditioner’ is the literal translation for this bizarre object it only tells me vaguely the purpose of it, naturally I would have placed it under a glass of beer… However after being informed I found that the RGC-24 is used to attract the earth leakage current from the chassis which disturbs the performance of the electronics. This earth leakage is more or less a pollutant which degrades the original signal.

Inside the RGC-24, a quantity of minerals and metals absorb the current leakage when connected to the earth terminal of amplifiers (or connected to a spare RCA input by the use of the supplied adaptor). The ideal placement for the RGC-24 is to place the (beer mat!) just near to the transformer of the unit in question. If the feet of your amplifier are too small to permit this placement, you can use a set of isolation feet to increase the space available like the Top line Acoustic System which may improve even further the listening experience.

Once installed, the RGC-24 offers a listening experience undeniably calmer, more relaxed and more natural and much less aggressive. Rhythms are produced with much more fluidity and there is less crispiness and dryness. The image is less constrained and more liberated, not ‘captured’ between the loudspeakers. Also the bass is more evident and true.

In brief, this pretty object is not a gadget as we may believe it to be. In a well optimised system its action is undeniably efficient.

LAURENT THORIN – Editor Haute Fidélité.