We supplement the function of generating negative ion for the RD-3 by applying the powdered Tourmaline to the back of the contact side of a disc.


High evaluation reviews!
RD-3 review by Affordable Audio

Audio Excellence Award Prize 1998 / 2003 for accessories category
VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2003 for Home Theater accessories

Reviews and award of RD-3 from around the world!

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Reviews and award of RD-3 from around the world!
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Diapason, France. Reviewed and awarded a Gold Medal!
Without doubt, RD-3 works! The sound stage becomes larger. Also the sound becomes smoother and sound separation is excellent. The music flows even better. This is a must item for audiophile and music lovers
hifi & records, Germany
The sound becomes fresh and sound stage becomes larger. The sound becomes realistic. Very surprised by the effect of RD-3
U.S web magazine, Ultra Audio. Reviewed by Mike Silverton

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