We supplement the function of generating negative ion for the RD-3 by applying the powdered Tourmaline to the back of the contact side of a disc.


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The effects of the RD-3 can be proven by data. You will recognize that the discs before demagnetization include noise and distortion, and some of them have sound discontinuity. You cannot obtain perfect sound due to noise interference until you demagnetize discs using the RD-3.CD player. Amplifiers and loudspeakers cannot correct damaged signals, they simply process them.Do you use the RD-3? Or do you still put up with distorted sound and picture quality?

Question and Answer

Q1.How long will the demagnetization effect last?
A1. Once a disc plays on a CD/DVD player, it becomes magnetized slightly by the magnetic field from the magnet of the motor and pick up driver. So ideally we recommend you must demagnetize your disc by RD-3 before playing the disc. But once you demagnetize your disc, the effects will last over 6 months.
There is no immediate loss of the effect.

Q2. When would it better to demagnetize a CD-R or a MD, before recording or after recording?
A2. The best time is absolutely before recording. There are a great effects on the sound quality improvement in disc demagnetized before it recording.
In sound/picture quality, the cheap disc demagnetized exceeds an expensive disc, which is not demagnetized. a cheap disc demagnetized exceeds an expensive disc which is not demagnetized. Also even lower quality recording devices can record at higher quality than expensive devices when using the RD-3.
RD-3 is an indispensable item for digital recording media, such as CD-R or MD. If you demagnetize your recorded disc before reproducing, the sound quality can be improved further.

Q3.Why do other demagnetization devices (head eraser and balk eraser, etc.) have effects? why?
A3. Consider the shape and the movement of other demagnetization devices. Their points are narrow, so it is impossible to emit a magnetic force without irregularity. And it is difficult to use such devices, you must gradually separate a demagnetization device from a disc, and turn off the switch. When this operation is neglected, it becomes even more magnetized.
The RD-3 is easy to use, and it completely demagnetizes optical discs.
Attenuation characteristics of the RD-3 is excellent.

Q4. Is it necessary to demagnetize brand-new discs? Are these discs influenced by magnetism.?
A4. Even brand-new discs may become magnetized in their manufacturing process or at shipment stage.Though there is certainly a difference in the amount of magnetization, most brand-new discs become magnetized. You can find that sound quality becomes finer when you demagnetize a brand-new disc by using the RD-3.

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