We supplement the function of generating negative ion for the RD-3 by applying the powdered Tourmaline to the back of the contact side of a disc.


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After processing equipment, such as video cables, power cables and sound cables by RD-3, the performance of an AV system is greatly improved.

Not only do magnetized discs deteriorate the performance in a system, but associated equipment such as magnetized cables, connectors etc have a harmful influence on the sound quality and picture quality.
When an electric current flows through a cable, a magnetic field is generated.
IIf the current stops, the magnetic field should disappear. But the magnetic substances used for cable wires and connectors all contain impurities, so the electric current magnetizes these substances, and this has a harmful influence on the signals or the flow of the current.

It has been said that expensive cable or connectors are useless treasures not until the magnetization problem has been solved.
Other demagnetizers are less effective due to their shape or directions and cannot completely demagnetize cables or connectors. The RD III can be ore effectively used for a wider range of applications including metallic parts and speaker terminals.

When cable is short, you make cable round and process it. When cable is long, you process it dividing into several-time. Even if only the plug part is processed, it is effective.

Analysis data
Measuring equipment:CD Player : marantz CD-16SE Computer : PC-98 Xa7 Software : Spectral LAB (Sound Technology Co., LTD. )

The three-dimensional graphs were generated by a SPECTRA PROFET analyzer. It shows the interrelation of time and the level of amplitude.

1.Measurement data of 1kHz signal
(Not only 1KHZ sine-wave but also other ranges of frequency are showed in graph)
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Before demagnetizing, peaks other than a sine-wave are generated at the 1kHz signal. We considered these peaks as noise or distortion. White blank fields at the 1kHz peak are considered caused by reading errors. And the crests extend crosswise; it is considered that the rise and fall of the sound becomes worse.
In addition, dispersions and irregularities are generated at other frequency ranges than 1kHz. And there are many peaks in the 200 to 800 Hz, range that are considered to be noise and distortion.

After demagnetization, many peaks at the 1kHz and blank fields disappeared, and the 1kHz component becomes perfectly solid. Also crests at the other bands become former and upper edge non-ragged. Number of peaks considered as noise or distortion at 200 to 800 Hz decreased sharply, so we consider that the S/N ratio is improved and the rise and fall of the sound are made quicker.

2.Measurement data of the music signal
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With the post-demagnetization graph, the encircled areas, in the vicinity of 20 second in the range of 1 to 5Hz, it clearly shows filled in signal and increased crest height. The amount of information is therefore increased by demagnetization.
It is clear that you are now able to listen to sound that could not be heard before. The heights of the peaks also increase; it indicates that the respective ranges are extended.

3.Measurement various data of music CD
Recording time of the track 4'45''
Power Level PWL(db)
Total harmonic distortion THD(%)
Signal to Noise ratio SNR(%)
noYUMI: Reproducing a used music CD before demagnetization
UCYUMI: Reproducing a used music CD post demagnetization by other demagnetizer.
RDYUMI: Reproducing a used music CD post demagnetization by the RD-III

At the PWL, value of RDYUMI is lowest, as noise is very low. And each peak level becomes raised when we confirm by analyzer, so demagnetizing a CD using the RD-III, increases the signal level and decreases noise. In addition, distortion decreases very much. On the other hand, it shows that SNR becomes worse caused by generating static electricity or magnetized when the CD is demagnetized using by another product (imported product which uses a method of motor rotation).

4.The effects on CD-ROM
Before demagnetization, read value is 590KB/s with 65 points in total. After demagnetization, read value is 620KB/s with 69 points in total. Read value is greatly increased. The RD-3 therefore has great effects on CD-ROM.
Incidentally, with CD-ROM or RAM, there are occasionally cases where problems are caused while using discs, such as "It is not possible to read" and "It is not possible to write". It may be caused by the damaged surface of the disc or an inferior disc, but it is also caused by a magnetized disc in many cases. In these cases, it is possible that RD-3 can help to recover the disc.
Before treatment
After treatment

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