We supplement the function of generating negative ion for the RD-3 by applying the powdered Tourmaline to the back of the contact side of a disc.


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RL-30 Mark III Large-sized Demagnetizer
for Analog records and Cables.
Including Tourmaline Negative Ion effect.
Limited series - 300 examples

When a disc (cd, dvd etc) has become magnetized, you can never obtain the maximum available sound and image quality from the recording.

Why do optical discs, such as CD, become magnetized?
First, it is thought that an iron ingredient contained in the printing ink of the label side of the disc is one of the causes of magnetizing discs. For example, iron oxide is used for red, yellow or brown ink, cobalt is used for blue or green ink and nickel is used for silver ink. These materials, iron, cobalt, nickel, are called ferromagnetic substances, and they are relatively easy to magnetize.
Second, problems are caused by the use of aluminum used for the recording side of CD. Currently, the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) states that the purity of the aluminum used must be 99.0%. The other 1% contains ferromagnetic substance such as iron, nickel and cobalt. Aluminum is a weak magnetic material, so it is easily influenced by magnetism.
CD players contain magnetic substances, when a disc is played, the rotation of the mechanism, magnet and motor generates a flux which quickly causes discs to become magnetized.
The same problem occurs in CD-R, DVD and MD. In particular MD uses an iron ingredient for the Magnet Catch, so
the influence of magnetism is increased.In the worst cases, it is impossible to read signals.

It is impossible to demagnetize your discs completely by other demagnetizers such as Head eraser or Bulk eraser. However, some of these machines may actually induce magnetism.
Head eraser or Bulk eraser can't demagnetize CD, MD or Cables completely because of their shapes or directions. In fact, they magnetize discs in many cases.
From information that we have studied it is easy to see that before a demagnetizing process has been carried out, it is impossible to obtain the highest quality information from a CD or DVD (audio and video signal quality)Even when you use expensive electronics (CD / DVD players etc), it is impossible to reproduce accurate information that is sound quality for CD, picture quality for DVD, unless you demagnetize the disc. For example amplifiers and loudspeakers never correct signals that have been damaged by magnetization. Your amplifier and loudspeakers will simply reproduce the information that they receive, good or bad signals. Demagnetizing the disc is indispensable if you are to reproduce the music and images to the highest possible quality and to retrieve all of the original information.
The Acoustic Revive RD-3 is a wonderful product. It completely demagnetizes optical discs such as CD, CD-R, DVD, MD, and it is easy to use.
If you use the RD-3 and demagnetize your disc, you will find that sound and picture quality are much improved. You will be able to hear aspects of the recording that were inaudible before the disc had been magnetized.

For any optical disc

Full effect for all optical DISCS
The RD-3 demonstrates the full effects not only with CD but with all optical discs. It is thought that electronic and information media will shift almost totally to optical discs so it is thought that the value in the use of RD-3 will increase greatly.
Here is a list of optical media (present and in future).

Optical discs that can be used now
CD, MD, DVD, Laser DISC,Game CD, Photo CD. CD-R, Video CD, CD-ROM
SACD, DVD Audio, DVD-R, etc.

*The effects of the RD 3 with SACD DVD / DVD Audio are far greater than with normal C D, this is because as these types of optical discs (more accurate) are influence more by magnetism.

Note!! The demagnetization process of CD-ROM or MD etc. had been performed during their production process.
The demagnetization process of CD-ROM or MD etc. used to be performed during their production processes. Manufacturers had realized that demagnetization enhanced the capability of Software. However, with increasing price competition, most manufacturers stopped the demagnetization leaving us again with the magnetized products and the problems that go with them.
The RD-3 has a remarkable effect on digital recording media. With CD-R tone quality improves greatly regardless of the recording device or software.

The effects on DVD and Laser Disc
The RD-3 has also remarkable effects on DVD and Laser Disc.
Picture quality: The RD-3 removes flicker noise leaving clearer and shaper image. A brighter color becomes brighter, a darker color becomes darker, so the contrast of the image becomes clear and more vivid. In addition, each single color becomes more extremely vivid, especially red. Moreover, the natural tone of the human skin is superb.
Sound quality:The RD-3 improves audio quality, and increases the level of surround separation and dynamics. You are able to listen to detailed sounds that you never heard before and the human voice is more realistic.
These effects on sound and picture quality are more and more evident with increasing quality of equipment used in the system. You can use the RD-3 for video cables, power cables and sound cables which further enhances the effects of demagnetizing.

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