8 in a set
8 replacement adhesive sheet attached
Size: diameter10mm x 3mm Weight: 0.6g

Audio Excellence Award 2008 Top Prize for accessory category

High evaluation reviews!
QR-8 review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
QR-8 review by 6moons
QR-8 review by 6moons

Basic way of how to use the QR-8
How to use on equipments
Bottom board
Top board
Terminal board
Place the one QR-8 on the center of each part. If there is not enough strength or hardness, it is effective to place on five places like shown above. Also, if you are placing it on the terminal board, it is effective if you place it near the power supply inlet or input/output terminals.

How to use it on speakers

The front
The back

Placing on center, four corners, unit frame or unit will have an effect. The sweet spot and where you place the QR-8 depends each speakers, so listen to the effect and find the sweet spot for your speakers.
Also you may experience a big effect if you place it on the magnet of speaker unit or the frame.

How to use it on the room or door.

At first, place one QR-8 on each center of wall, ceiling or floor. If there is not enough strength or hardness, place six to nine of QR-8 like shown in the diagram.
Also you may experience an effect by placing on the back of the speakers, surrounding the speakers with QR-8 or placing on the same height as the unit.
Door and window
At first, place each on the center of door or window. If there is not enough strength or hardness, placing five places can be effective.