8 in a set
8 replacement adhesive sheet attached
Size: diameter10mm x 3mm Weight: 0.6g

Audio Excellence Award 2008 Top Prize for accessory category

High evaluation reviews!
QR-8 review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
QR-8 review by 6moons
QR-8 review by 6moons

Example of how to use the QR-8

On the main switch of the equipment (Power switch).

On the inlet connector of power supply cable.

On the lighting switch in the room or ventilation switch.

On the top of power supply box.

On the center of the door.

On the back of Short plug or terminal cover.

On the receptacle stabilizer or parallel type filter.

On the wall or ceiling of the room.

On the main body of the breaker or lever.

On the tray lid of CD, DVD and SACD player.

On top of the head shell of analogue player.

On the power transformer inside the equipment.

On the plug of line cable or digital cable.

All kinds of plugs (Photo is DC cable plug).

Attention when using QR-8
When placing the QR-8 places like breaker and inside the equipment, it will users self responsibility and considers the safety and be careful when placing the QR-8. In case when accident or damage happens, our company will not take any responsibility at all.

To musicians and musical instrument lovers
If you place the QR-8 onto the bridge of a guitar, the tone and sound will improve dramatically. We recommend this method to musicians and musical instrument lovers.