Data demonstrates No.1 characteristic as speaker sound absorption material!
Glass wool,wool,cotton,urethane foam and carbon paper wool is used as conventional sound absorption material.These materials did not have flat sound absorption characteristic.This is because,fibrous cell of each material was uniform.This made the particular peak and dip.

We adopted natural silk for PSA-100.The reason is,natural silk material alone has a random fibrous cell.Natural silk has a flat sound absorption without having particular peak and dip.

To sound absorption characteristic measurement result

Cancellation effect on stationary wave around CD player & amplifier
Harmful stationary wave occurs around CD player,amplifier and power supply tap.By placing small quantity of PSA-100 around equipment cancels harmful stationary wave by a distinguished diffusion effect.

In addition,harmful static electricity occurs around power supply cable and various cable input and output terminal.With the help of natural silk of PSA-100, it removes effect of static electricity.The result is dynamic sound and improved transparency and remarkable S/N ratio.

Example of how to use on input and output terminal uses

Example of how to use on power supply box