Length: 2meters
*20A specification model is available
*U.K & Australian specification cable also available

High evaluation reviews!
POWER REFERENCE review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
Power Reference review by Positive Feedback
Review from U.S Magazine "The Stereo Times"

Audio Excellence Award 2006 TOP Prize for Cables categories

VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2006 for Home theater accessories

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki

As a sound engineer and audio file, PCOCC-A cables excellent sound quality was a big happening for me.

Profile of sound engineer Tomoo Suzuki

Born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.
1968: Start working for CBS Sony (Sony Entertainment)
1980: Becomes the chief engineer of Sony Shinanomachi Studio
1986: Becomes the vice-chief of recording division
1987: Positioned at the Suzuki Office

Recording works:
Chicago (Live in Japan)
Jeff Beck (BBA Live)
Santana (Legend of LOTUS)
Mountain (Twin Peaks)
Bob Dylan (At Budoukan)
Cheap Trick (At Budoukan)
Herbie Hancock (VSOP)
Wynton Marsalis (Debut Album)
Weather Report (Live in Japan)
Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Romantic)

Miles Davis (Tribute) 1994 Grammy Award
Harbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter (1+1) 1997 Grammy Award

Live concert works:
1988: Herbie Hancock (Japan Tour)
1996: Herbie Hancock (Japan Tour)
1997: Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter (1+1 concert)
1998: Wayne Shorter (Japan Tour)

I connected the power supply cable POWER REFERENCE to my home audio systems channel divider. The previous model was tested at the studios DSD master recorder, equalizer and compressor. Compared with the previous model, POWER REFERENCE is two ranks up in sound quality. It sounds smooth and very open. The sound position, density and the tone is very realistic. The actual feeling and volume increases and the sound image becomes closed up, plat in frequency and the sense of quality increases. The scale of the music increases and the sound floats. Without any doubt, needs to be well aged. After about 100 hours, the sound really chan

sounds same as the POWER REFERENCE. When I was in the studio, the director, musician and the second engineer had a listen. We compared with the cable which I have been using forXLR-1.0PA .

The result is that everybody chose the XLR-1.0PA. The director was overwhelmed by the sound. He said that the sound becomes mu and the taste of the tone is excellent. The musiciXLR-1.0PA hat it sounds as if the instruments grade has gone up. The cables musical tone is the far best I ever experienced.

As I said at the beginning, personally PCOCC-A cables it a big happening for me. At the moment, I’m finding the bad elements of other cables which I have. I have been given a lot of stimulation by these excellent cables.

After the listening test, I couldn’t use the other cables at my home, so I decided to by these PCOCC-A cables.

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki