Length: 2meters
*20A specification model is available
*U.K & Australian specification cable also available

High evaluation reviews!
POWER REFERENCE review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
Power Reference review by Positive Feedback
Review from U.S Magazine "The Stereo Times"

Audio Excellence Award 2006 TOP Prize for Cables categories

VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2006 for Home theater accessories

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki

Audio Excellence Award 2008 Top Prize for cable category AC Cord POWER MAX II

In Japan there is a law called PSE (Product+Safety+Electrical appliance & materials) and because of this law, we can not sell a single core structured power supply cable. This is why we manufactured a stranded wire structure power supply cable POWERMAX II. Which has taken in a lot of concept of POWER REFERANCE. The POWERMAX II has been awarded with top prize twice for Audio Excellence Award Cable category which has the highest authority in Japan.

Principle and structure
Epoch-making cable structure by joint development with OYAIDE ELEC
Highest quality PSE acceptable power supply cable by cooperation development with OYAIDE ELEC. Adopted 5.5 square, very thick structured PCOCCA-A. It has an overwhelming conductivity.
For sheath, three different hardness macromolecule polyolefin is used for effective vibration control. Assortment shield tends to destroy sound by straying electric current. Instead, we adopted copper foil shied to stop outbreak of straying electric currect. For the surface, ACOUSTIC REVIVE`s carbon SF tube (CSF) is used to protect from radiation noise and noise from outside.

Adopted OYAIDE ELEC. custom made plug!
For power supply plug and inlet plug, we adopted OYAIDE ELEC. rhodium plating audio grade P-037 and C-037, which conduct part is finished with mirror side abrasion. Even more, conduct part is treated which super cryogenic treatment to improve conductivity and sound quality.

POWER MAX II is probably the most natural sounding power supply cable on the market.
Excellent S/N ratio, very wide frequency and dynamic rage. Also it`s flat balanced, sound position and 3D sound image is breath taking! It will upgrade your equipment without adding any unnecessary sound. It will bring out the full potential of your equipment!

PCable for cut-sales, POWER MAX 8800 is also available!
Power cable sound per meter for you to cut to length and maker your own power cables.

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki