Length: 2meters
*20A specification model is available
*U.K & Australian specification cable also available

High evaluation reviews!
POWER REFERENCE review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
Power Reference review by Positive Feedback
Review from U.S Magazine "The Stereo Times"

Audio Excellence Award 2006 TOP Prize for Cables categories

VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2006 for Home theater accessories

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki

Principle & Structure

PCOCC-A single core conductor which does not have an outbreak of straying electric current & peakpeak
We adopted 2.6mm thick PCOCC-A single core for POWER REFERENCE`s conductor which is specially made for us by FURUKAWA ELECTRIC. PCOCC-A is a high purity single-crystal copper which has been annealed. Compared with high purity copper such as 6N and 8N, impurities does not getting into PCOCC-A when it gets annealed. So when the cable is manufactured, PCOCC-A has a higher purity compared from 6N or 8N. Also annealing PCOCC will improve conductivity which becomes PCOCC-A.

Figure 1/ Difference in PCOCC-A and PCOCC conductivity rate

Theoretically, single core does not have an outbreak of straying electric current and distortion compared with stranded structure cable which is adopted with most of cables. Also by the FURUKAWA ELECTRIC`s high technology, our single core is made into which does not carry a resonance point. So it does not have an outbreak of peaky feel, blurred and impurity sound. The soundstage is very transparent and sound position is very sharp and clear.

Superb feel and spacious feel to the sound by natural silk buffer material
PCOCC-A conductor which has a superb conductivity characteristic is covered with tube structured natural silk buffer material, which gives a superb spacious feel to sound quality by the air layer between the conductor and the silk buffer material. Also natural silk does not have an outbreak of static electricity compared with materials such as chemical fiber and resin. Excellent feeling and realistic sound quality is brought by the natural silk.
100% shielding effect and very soft and easy handling by Teflon coated flexible copper pipe
Natural silk butter material is covered with Teflon coated flexible copper pipe which has a 100% shielding with very soft and easy handling. Conventional shielding such as mesh shielding is said to have about 90% shielding effect. But in reality, there are many gaps so the actual shielding characteristic is not high. Also mesh shielding its self has an outbreak of straying electric current which destroys sound quality. There is foil shielding which does not have an outbreak of straying electric current, but the foil it self is tends to be very thin and it can’t control strong electric wave, magnetic force and noise.
Teflon coated flexible copper pipe which is adopted in POWER REFERENCE is very thick and it can shut out strong electric wave, magnetic force and noise. It also can stop an outbreak of radiation noise from the cables its self. Also by the help of Teflon coated flexible copper pipe, the cable has a shape-memory characteristic, so it is very easy to handle and connect the cable to equipments. Conventional thick cable was difficult to handle and in a worst case by the cable tension, equipmen using POWER REFERENCE you won s tend to move by its self. By
CSF Tube to further improve shielding and stop radiation
On the outskirts of POWER REFERANCE, we adopted a CSF (Mesh tube which contains carbon) to further improve shielding effect and stop any radiation. CSF is made by the help of mesh tube specialist SHINAGAWA SHOKO Co., Ltd. Carbon is mixed up to the production limit into the mesh tube. Also the thread is mush thinner then conventional mesh tube. This leads to high shielding and stops an outbreak of radiation. CSF`s material is made from Polyurethane which has an excellent vibration control characteristic and improve sound quality. Conventional mesh tubes materials such as Nylon and Polyethylene will destroy sound quality.

Super cryogenically treated rhodium plated power supply plug & inlet connecter
OTo further improve sound quality, carefully chosen power supply plug and inlet connector is used on POWER REFERENCE. Both power supply plug and inlet plug is based on OYAIDE and the contact parts have been mirror finish surface polish with silver and rhodium plated. Also only conduct part is super cryogenically treated to further improve conductivity.

Normally, the product is entirely is treated with super cryogenically treated. But metal and resin has to be treated in different method and time. So by treated the entire product will damage the resin part which destroy product and sound quality. This is why ACOUSTIC REVIVE only super cryogenically treats conduct parts separately. Also SHUKO version for Europe is also made in specifications

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki