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Battery Reference Power Supply[RBR-1]

world's first

Battery Reference Power Supply [RBR-1]

Output Voltage 6V/9V/12V/16V available
Connecting Link can be assigned
Body Dimensions W180*H88*D162(mm)
Weight 3kg


  • 2013 Visual Grand Prix Gold Prize in clean power supply category2013 Visual Grand Prix Gold Prize in clean power supply category
  • 2012 Visual Grand Prix2012 Visual Grand Prix
  • 2012 Audio Accessory Excellence Award2012 Audio Accessory Excellence Award

Principle and structure

There are numerous small PC audio equipments using AC adaptor for power supply. Almost all AC adaptor embrace switching power supply and those adaptors manufactured at low cost generate large amounts of electrical noise. Therefore they deteriorate the quality of audio equipments seriously.

The adaptors of small transfer type generate less amours of noise than that of switching type, however because the trans in itself is less-accurate, they debase the sound quality and also generate the beat of trans.

Detail Picture



The world's first batter reference power supply

RBR-1 adopt the world's first structure on which reference voltage is produced by battery (battery cell).
RBR-1 is designed by combining super-low noise characteristic by the battery and the powerful and energized affluence by AC drive.

For the trans, each part & internal wiring, high grade components which is best suited to audio are chosen.

Approximately 2-year-long battery life

The battery life of RBR-1 runs approximately 2 years by the continuous use. The battery life is visualized on the front LED panel and replacement of the battery is easy with just opening the baseplate.

Also you can enjoy the change of sound quality by the brand of battery cell.

Supreme chassis with aero-grade aluminum ally + brass

The chassis of RBR-1 is using 6-10 mm-thick 2007S aero-grad aluminum ally and machined brass for legs.
By the combination of a variety of metal, containment of the vibration deadening is enhanced ultimately

Also for the inside of chassis Green Carborundum which heat-transform and discreate electromagnetic ray and noise is set up . Shutting out the noise from power supply, it makes signal-to-noise ratio higher.

Oval-shaped PCOCC-A for the output cable

The output cable of RBR-1 adapt the same structure and conductor as our single-core cable series. Ultimate cable design such as oval shaped PCOCC-A conductor, natural silk buffer, flexible teflon coding copper tube shield,

carbon CSF tube and others & 2017S machined boy cannon plug are adopted. This enhances conduction property ultimately. The forefront of plug can be custom-designed.

Voltage assignment is available

At time of order, any one of 6V, 9V, 12V, 16V can be chosen, so that RBR-1 can be accepted by various equipment.

Additionally, we can change voltage after your purchase by sending it to us.

The terminal for usb transmission is fully equipped

RBR-1 is fully equipped bus power output terminal for USB transmission (only when 6V is assigned).

f you use our USB-1.0SP which separate signal-line and power-line perfectly from A terminal and take bus power of USB from RBR-1, sound quality and signal-to-noise ration will be greater because good quality of bus power supply which is not influenced by PC noise is ensured.

Can be used with our RR-77 or DSIX

RBR-1 can be used with our Ultra-low Frequency Pulse Generator RR-77 or Digital Cable DSIX-1.0PA/BPA.

The sound quality of RR-77 or DSIX-1.0PA/BPA will be much better by changing attached AC adaptor to RBR-1/12V which decrease noise from AC adaptor.