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Magnet-Floating Insulator[RMF-1]

Completely avoid impact of vibration by magnet floating

Magnet-Floating Insulator[RMF-1]

■Load Capacity by one  (max)7kg
(21kg per three, 28kg per four)
■Size: Diameter about 3.5cm
(max)about 5.6cm
(min)about 5.1cm

Perfect air floating by magnet repulsion power

Eliminating vibrations in your audio system has a dramatic effect on sound quality. Signal to noise ratio is much improved and this brings a large three-dimensional soundstage which you have never before experienced.

Phase characteristics are also greatly improved, imaging and sound location are, as a result, also much improved. Vocals stand out far better than before and instruments become clearer and stable.

Eliminate the effect of the insulator itself

The material used to make insulators and audio boards is crucial to the resulting sound. Even when the insulator is floating magnetically, the material that is in contact with the audio equipment can spoil the sound quality, particularly sound texture and frequency balance. It is often said that floating type insulators / boards reduce bass reproduction quality. This is mainly due to the type of material used that comes into contact with the audio equipment.

With the RMF-1, we have eliminated this problem by using a combination of Duralumin and Brass, plus the use of natural quartz and a special damping material. The result is a natural and smooth presentation with richness and organic qualities to the sound. The frequency range is also flat and more extended across the whole range.

Using RMF-1 also absorbs and eliminates vibrations generated from the audio equipment

RMF-1 not only isolates from external vibrations, but also eliminates vibration generated by the equipment itself by using a combination of several special materials.

Some examples are, vibrations caused by the mechanism of CD players as well as large transformers in amplifiers, etc.

By increasing the number, RMF-1 can also support heavy and unbalanced equipment.

RMF-1 is sold individually so that you can use the exact quantity required for each element of your audio system. This takes into account the weight of each individual item, amplifier, CD player etc. Also the weight imbalance that may exist in equipment, for example, an amplifier with the heavy transformer on one side, can be accounted for.

The maximum load capacity per piece is 7kg. The maximum load with 3 pieces is 21kg and 28kg with 4 pieces. You can further increase the number for equipment weighing over 28kg. When using RMF-1 for equipment with unbalanced weight, you can increase the number near the heavier side to redress the balance.


※Please put 3 or 4 RMF-1s on the position which horizontalize your audio device.


※Almost all audio devices are unbalanced by the position of the power transformer and such.
Setting more RMF-1s on the part which receive the most weight can horizontalize your audio device.