●6PIN~6PIN version 1m
* Extra lengths in increments of 10cm available upon order.
* 6PIN~9PIN plug adapter is available as an option.

*By changing conductor-insulator from polyethylene to fluorinated plastic and damper material from cotton to silk, relative permittivity & electrification rate were enhanced. Also characteristics of conduction and sound quality were improved spectacularly, 

●Principle and structure

The structure of IEEE1394 cable is inferior to USB cable.

The structure of the existing IEEE1394 cables is to have both-directions signal lines and power line (six lines in total!) all in one cable.
This structure causes much more mutual interference between each line compared to USB cables which have four lines (power lines and signal lines) in one cable, transmission characteristics and sound quality are remarkably degraded.
It is commonly said that in the music production spot and a PC audio system, IEEE1394 transmission is preferred compared to USB due to its higher speed transmission. However, when we actually listened in the same environment and compared them, we feel the sound of USB is superior to IEEE1394. We believe that this is due to this inferior structure of IEEE1394 cable.

The world’s first structure ! Bi-directional signal line and power line divided into three separate cables,

By separating signal lines from a power line, the signal lines are not affected by the radiation noise and the electric field from the power line, and also by making bi-directional signal lines independent respectively, the mutual influence of each signal line is also avoided.
The result makes the sound quality far superior than the existing IEEE1394 cables, no muddiness, reproducing high-resolution, clear and three-dimensional acoustic image with an infinitely deep and transparent sound stage.
Distortion and any artificial nature are removed. The result is a full bodied, fresh and vivid presentation.

Extravagant cable structure

FW-1.0PA is equipped with a solid PCOCC-A single-core conductor, PFE sheath that is superior in a dielectric constant ratio, 100% shielding by a copper-foil shield, tourmaline contained sheath for antistatic effect. The outer shielding is a Carbon SF tube which prevents exterior noise, radiation noise generated from the cable and the electrostatic charge of the cable itself. This leads to a perfect signal transmission and a superior sound quality.

Original IEEE1394 plug made from a solid block of 2017S air craft grade aluminum alloy

The connecter part of the existing IEEE1394 cables is poor quality plastic moulded plugs that deteriorate transmission quality.
For FW-1.0PA, we produce a luxurious IEEE1394 plug made from a solid block of 2017S air craft grade aluminum alloy. This results in a further improvement of the sound quality by its superior anti-vibration effect.
The IEEE1394 plug is carefully connected by skilled craftsmen piece by piece with audio-grade lead-free solder.

Available to order in any length.

As most conventional IEC1394 cables are molded cables, you are unable to order a specific length suitable for your use, however, you can order any length of FW-1.0PA cable for your equipment due to the fact that it is handmade by skilled craftsmen.