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Multi-purpose audio demagnetizer [RD-3]

Did you know that a digital discs (CD and DVD) are magnetized? It is not possible to obtain correct information from a magnetized disc. Now you can experience a pure source sound of a disc demagnetized by using the RD-3.


  • MJ Technology of the year 20122012 MJ Technology of the year
  • Audio Excellence Award1998/2003 Audio Excellence Award Prize in accessory category
  • VISUAL GRAND-PRIX2003 Visual Grand Prix in home theater accessories
RD-3 Specifications
RD-3 Input voltage
Japan:No.2942760, USA:No.6058078, Taiwan:No.110354
RL-30MKIII Specifications
RL-30MKIII Electricity consumption
AC700V 40VA 30W
approx. 7.5kg

Why do optical discs, such as CD, become magnetized?

Firstly, it is thought that ferrous ingredients contained in the printing ink of the label side of the disc is one of the causes of magnetizing discs. For example, iron oxide is used for red, yellow or brown ink, cobalt is used for blue or green ink and nickel is used for silver ink. These materials, iron, cobalt, nickel, are called ferromagnetic substances, and they are relatively easy to magnetize.
Second, problems are caused by the use of aluminum used for the recording side of CD. Currently, the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) states that the purity of the aluminum used must be 99.0%. The other 1% contains ferromagnetic substance such as iron, nickel and cobalt. Aluminum is a weak magnetic material, so it is easily influenced by magnetism.
CD players contain magnetic substances, when a disc is played, the rotation of the mechanism, magnet and motor generates a flux which quickly causes discs to become magnetized.

The multi-purpose audio demagnetizer RD-3 is a ground breaking appliance which can easily treat and completely demagnetize all kind of optical discs (CD, DVD, etc). If you demagnetize your disc by RD-3, sound and picture quality are much improved and you will be able to hear aspects of the recording that were inaudible from magnetized discs.

RD-3 also has a remarkable effect on digital recording media such as CD-R, DVD-R. If a disc is demagnetized by RD-3 before recording, the sound quality improves greatly regardless of the recording device or software.
For this reason, the RD-3 is widely used in the mastering rooms of major recording studios.

The RD-3 makes a further effect by combined use with our Negative-Ion generator RIO-5II.

The data showing the effects of use   shown here

You can see on the graph of a disc before being demagnetized, the ability to read information deteriorates and prevents accurate reproduction.

This means, that unless the disc is demagnetized, any high quality disc player is unable to read correct information to create optimum sound playback.

The quality of a whole audio system improves drastically !

Not only do magnetized discs deteriorate the performance in a system, but associated equipment such as magnetized cables, connectors etc have a harmful influence on the sound quality and picture quality.
When an electric current flows through a cable, a magnetic field is generated. If the current stops, the magnetic field should disappear, however, the magnetic substances are contained in cable wires and connectors as impurities, the electric current magnetizes these substances, and this has a harmful influence on the signals or the flow of the current.

It is well known that magnetism has a bad influence on the quality of sound and picture reproduction. You can use the RD-3 for demagnetizing a wide range of equipment, such as CD stabilizers, metal parts and accessories, speaker terminals and so.

Refer to a “Readers’ Column” about the effect of RD-3.