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Comparison of metal materials vibration decrement characteristic

Best sound quality material in hybrid structure!
Receptacle Base CB-1DB is made from hybrid structure of 2017 Duralumin and Brass. 2017 Duralumin is the best material for sound quality and vibration control characteristic point of view today.

Brass itself sound beautiful which used as a material for musical instruments too.

2017 Duralumin is called Super Duralumin which contains the highest content of copper.

2017 Duralumin is a material which characteristics of beautiful sound.

There our other Duralumin such as A7075 which contains a lot of Zinc and it is very hard and strong material.

But hardness and strength does no bring out a good vibration control characteristic. The sound quality becomes hard and frequency balance tends to shift to high frequency.

2017 Duralumin has an excellent vibration control characteristic and sound quality is very flat balanced.

By combining the 2017 Duralumin with Brass will improve the sound quality even further.

Each materials vibration frequency gets eliminated and the vibration declining characteristic improves dramatically.

This leads to thick low end frequency and increased density.

Also the frequency balance becomes even flatter with full of feeling of throbbing pulse.

Vibration declining characteristic data proves the excellent sound quality too!
We at ACOUSTIC REVIVE have asked third party organization to test out each metals vibration declining characteristic.

Comparison of metal materials vibration decrement characteristic

Each metal tested was in same size and weight. As you can see on the comparison list, 2017 Duralumin has an excellent vibration declining characteristic.

Also the vibration declining characteristic dramatically improves with by combining 2017 Duralumin with Brass. Same Duralumin A7075 or Aluminum A6063 has a poor vibration declining characteristic.

This poor characteristic leads to distorted feel to sound quality and incidental sound. Also cast iron is said to have high internal loss characteristic and excellent vibration declining characteristic.

But as you can see, 2017 Duralumin or combination of 2017 Duralumin and Brass has far better vibration declining characteristic then cast ion.

Generally, material which has a high internal loss characteristic said to have a good vibration declining characteristic but test show it was to wrong.

We at ACOUSTIC REVIVE are planning to test and explain other high internal loss characteristic materials causal relationship between the vibration declining characteristic and sound quality such as magnesium.

High quality Alumite treatment and Chrome plating finish improves sound quality and stables the quality in long term.
CB-1DB`s 2107 Duralumin is treated with top quality white Aluminte and high quality chrome plating finish for brass.

By these treatments, it keeps the quality in long term and improves sound quality. Untreated aluminum alloy and brass will quickly rust the sound quality gets destroyed.

The CB-1 is suitable for almost any UL and JIS standard
Except some receptacles that have special forms, the CB-1 can be fitted almost any receptacles on the market.

We made the shape of holes used for installation as oval, it absorb the gap of the location of the screw hole between CB-1 and inner receptacles.

Receptacle Base comparison list
CB-1DB 2017 Duralumin + Brass Top quality Alumite + Chrome plating
Company A Copper compound metal Super low temperature processing
Company B A7075 Duralumin No surface treatment. Few gaps and hole process
Company E Carbon fiber
Company O A5052 Aluminum alloy Thin carbon fiber plate attached

Comparison of metal materials vibration decrement characteristic