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PC-TripleC speaker cable with super high cost performance!

Size:Width 5.2mm X Thickness 2.2mm

Principle and Structure

PC-TripleC Conductor

PC-TripleC (Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) is the world’s first specialized audio conductor made by groundbreaking technologies. It adopts OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) removed impure substance of micron grain. By forging, OFC is densified its crystal architecture up to 80% to improve its conductor density to utmost limit and also make it in the same direction of grain boundary.

This conductor’s characteristics are; the purity of OFC removed impure substance exceeds PCOCC, forging process takes out air gravel even if single crystal architecture PCOCC contained, and becomes high purity and high density.
PC-TripleC having grain boundary along with electrical current doesn’t generate impedance when current flows in high purity copper such as 6N and a lengthwise direction.
PC-TripleC is new and idealized conductor for audio use from all aspects.

Domination of Solid Single Core Cable

Most of cables on the market are made from twisted thin wires. The reason why twisted wire has been adopted till now is just because of its flexibility. Flexible cable is easy to produce from a manufacturing point of view and is also easy for the users to handle it. That is why twisted wire has been used for a long time.

The twisted thin wire structure is unable to avoid Straying Electric Current (called “Strand jump phenomenon”) which flies between the twisted wires. Straying Electric Current generates incidental sound and distortion that makes the sound muddy. You will clearly understand how it makes the sound change by comparing our single-core cable with twisted thin wires. On the market, LAN cables over 10 meter-long are made by single-core cables because Straying Electric Current causes information transmission error.

SPC-AV can transmit pure information without noise, distortion, incidental and stimulating sound by using a solid single-core structure that doesn’t generate the straying current theoretically. SPC-AV also adopts eclectic insulating material, sheath and cable structure with flexibility not as usual single-core cables.

Parallel Duplex Cable for Expansive Sound without Energy Loss

SPC-AV adopts parallel duplex cable structure with PC-TripleC single-core cables. Parallel duplex cable structure can bring you expansive sound due to less energy loss by low inductance effect.

Superior PE Insulation against Relative Permittivity and Electrification

In general, inexpensive speaker cables are mostly built up with low cost PVC as electric insulation. PVC’s characteristic is inferior relative permittivity and electrification ratio, and also causes transmission property reduction and worsens sound quality. SPC-AV adopts PE (polyethylene) as electric insulation, which advantage relative permittivity and electrification. In result, SPC_AV materializes superior relative permittivity and electrification.

Thin Design Suitable under Floor Carpet for Easy-Wiring

SPC-AV adopting parallel duplex cable achieves 2.2mm thin design. It is easy for wiring under floor carpet around AV system. Because of PE insulation benefit, it is less affected by from the influence of static electricity of polyester carpet.

High Cost Performance even with PC-TripleC Conductor!

SPC-AV achieves astounding high cost performance in spite of using expensive conductor PC-TripleC which require very complex forging process, and using PE insulation. This cable brings you new experience with massive wide F range, energy sensitivity, clarity of pure auditory lateralization with overwhelming price range of common sense.