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Dramatic effects on the ‘blind spot’ of audio ! Further improvements of vibration control via the use of special anti-vibration sheets. In addition, the quartz resonator (QR-8) is added, creating a vivid fresh and textured sound.


  • Audio Excellence AwardAudio Excellence Award 2005 TOP Prize for accessories category
  • Visual Grand Prix 2005VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2005 for Home Theater accessories
  • Anti-Vibration Short-Pin for RCA input
    Anti-Vibration Short-Pin for RCA input
  • Anti-Vibration Short-Pin for XLR input
    Anti-Vibration Short-Pin for XLR input
  • Anti-Vibration Plug for RCA Output
    Anti-Vibration Plug for RCA Output

Principle & Structure

Vacant digital and analog input terminals are the origins of unwanted noise.

This noise invades equipment through the input terminals (they act like an antenna) and deteriorate the sound considerably.

By employing these input terminal short-circuits, it prevents noise from invading the equipment, and furthermore, it makes the operation of the circuit more stable, resulting in a global improvement in the sound.

In addition, the circuit board for terminals tend to be very thin and easily influenced by vibration.

By using high specific gravity and hard material for the short pin, it reinforces terminals and protects from vibration.

Employment of materials and processing technology superior in vibration control effect

SIP-8Q/BSIP-8Q is made of non-magnetic gold plated brass and 2017 Duralumin.

This structure has the effect of reinforcing the terminal strength and creates superior vibration control.

Furthermore, a rigid connection by this highly precise process improves the vibration control effect. The included QR-8(Quartz resonator) will further improve the vibration control performance.

Perfect non-magnetism body structure

Not only material, SIP-8F/BSIP-8F has used direct gilding on plating to achieve a complete non-magnetic body structure.

Via this structure, the factor of sound deterioration by magnetic distortion has been completely eliminated.

vibration protection pin for output terminals IP-2Q

The same as SIP-8Q/BSIP2Q, IP-2Q employed with a hybrid structure of brass and 2017 Duralumin, natural quartz resonator and perfect non-magnetic structure.

Just by inserting the IP-2Q to a vacant RCA output terminal, it has the effect of superior vibration control and improves the sound focus and S/N ratio remarkably.

Technology for further improvement of anti-vibration effect.

CS-2FQ is supplied with our QR-8(natural quartz resonator) in addition to the conventional attached special damping material.

The conventional attached special damping material was developed by professor Masao Sumita at Tokyo Institute of Technology by obtaining Pre-venture support from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), a ground breaking material which has an overwhelming vibration control characteristic.

It transfers and eliminates vibration energy from electrical energy to heat energy.

Please find the best use of this sheet to your own ears.

If the vibration control characteristic has matched well, the sound will become smoother and low end frequency will become more powerful and a the natural beat will improve.

If the effect is too strong, the sound pressure and a lifelike effect will be reduced. In this case, please try to cut the sheet


* Please do not connect SIP-8Q and BSIP-2Q to output terminal, and REC OUT terminal. This will stop the sound.

* It has an remarkable effect for digital output terminal on CD transporter, but just in case please ask your manufacturer of the CD transporter or dealer if SIP-8F/BSIP-8F work perfectly.