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Concent Stabilizer CS-2Q

Vibration control and noise suppression at the AC outlet. Remarkable sound improvements are achieved, without negative effects. Further improvements of vibration control via the use of special anti-vibration sheets. In addition, the quartz resonator (QR-8) is added, creating a vivid fresh and textured sound.

Concent Stabilizer [CS-2Q]


  • Audio Excellence AwardAudio Excellence Award 2006 TOP Prize for accessories category
  • Visual Grand Prix 2006VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2006 for Hometheater accessories

Principle and structure

Metal conductive fittings of wall outlets and power supply boxes are made of a spring structured material.

This spring structured material starts to vibrate due to speaker induced vibrations and the electric current itself. This causes noise and distortion and degrades sound quality.

Just by inserting the CS-2Q into one of the free outlets, sound quality can be remarkably improved.

By inserting CS-2Q, it controls the conducting parts vibration which reduces noise and distortion.

It also improves picture quality greatly, such as DVD players and projectors.

Shut out noise from outside

The outer case of CS-2Q is made of 2017 Duralumin which is effective not only in controlling vibration

but also stops noise from outside to get into the outlet, this further improves S/N ratio.

Superior vibration control structure

The contact blades made of Rhodium plated brass are supported by 2017 Duralumin and two different harnesses’ of polyolefin and covered by the outer cap made of 2017 Duralumin. This structure largely cancels the vibration of the outlet.

Furthermore, by sticking the included QR-8(natural quartz resonator) onto the CF-2Q, you can achieve ultimate vibration control.

Superior vibration control structure

No side effects similar to noise filters!

There are similar products which adopt various parallel type noise filters.

Parallel type noise filters are said not to have side effects such as loss of feeling, rhythm and sound quality deterioration compared with series type noise filters.

But in reality, when you actually listen to the effect of parallel type noise filters, there is indeed a loss in feeling of rhythm and sound quality deterioration.

Reducing noise or distortion at the expense of musicality is not logical or desirable.

CS-2Q is effective but also maintains and even improves musicality.

Also by eliminating vibration of the conductive parts of the receptacle, sound pressure levels and fluidity are improved.

used scene

Technology for further improvement of anti-vibration effect.

CS-2Q is supplied with our QR-8(natural quartz resonator) in addition to the conventionally attached special damping material.

By sticking QR-8 on CF-2Q, you can expect a drastic change of the sound, to a more fresh and organic sound full of life and emotion.

The attached conventional special damping material was developed by professor Masao Sumita at the Tokyo Institute of Technology by getting a Pre-venture support from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), a ground breaking material which has an overwhelming vibration control characteristic.

It transfers and eliminates vibration energy from electrical energy to heat energy.

Please find the best use of this sheet to your own ears.

If the vibration control characteristic has matched well, the sound will become smoother and low end frequency will become more powerful and a the natural beat will improve.

If the effect is too strong, the sound pressure and a lifelike effect will be reduced. In this case, please try to cut the sheet into a smaller sized piece.

How to attached sheet onto CS-2Q